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From Wichita, KS

“….Icarus’s thrill of flying to close to the sun regardless of the consequences is similar to the thrill for me playing guitar and creating close to the edge…usually it works out but sometimes it doesn’t, either way the truth is always present….”

Andy’s lifelong passion for music and performing began in 3rd grade in Wichita, Kansas. A classmate dared Andy to sing in their elementary schools Toys for Tots talent show. From that very moment Andy knew what he wanted to do and has pursued that challenge ever since. Soon after Andy’s elementary school “debut”, his big brother introduced him to the guitar and the rest is history.
Andy’s first professional gig was in Las Angeles, California at the age 18 playing guitar for Kansas Music Hall of Fame inductee Rudy Love. Andy earned the nickname “the Kidd” with Rudy Love and the Love Family. He hung around the studio with legends Sly Stone and George Clinton. Soon we was playing shows at LA hot spots with the “Love Family”. Andy has performed on the Vegas strip, Reno showrooms, and cruise ship gigs that took Andy around the world. His versatile guitar work encompasses rock, jazz, country, R&B, and funk. His passion for music is showcased with Steel Breeze; and is expressed in his high energy lead vocal and harmony singing performances paired with a viscous, aggressive guitar playing style, spotlighted by melodic, soulful guitar solos….

Just as Icarus chased ecstasy by flying too close to the sun, Andy strives for rapture by flirting with the edges of melodic sanity. Andy’s music frees us, we soar, lifted by euphoric sound. Our wings don’t melt, our faces do.







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