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Lead Vocals

From Orange County, CA


“Every time I putĀ on my wardrobe and make-up for a show, I do so with only one thing in mind: to give the best performance of my life”

Tammy Tam Tam - Steel BreezeMusic has been a part of Tam Tam’s life since she was born. Although no one in her family was a full time musician, everybody played an instrument. It was common to see the whole family play and entertain themselves during gatherings and holidays. Tam Tam loved her role during these small family shows, often singing solo, and dancing for everyone.

The young girl went to school, and had a pretty normal life before deciding to become a full time singer. She was lucky, an old friend decided to give her a break, and let her sing in his band. The experiment worked! Tammy Tam Tam proved herself as a committed singer. More importantly, the crowds loved her. And what’s not to love? She’s classy, elegant, unique and sexy. In addition to being a great singer, she also writes original music, and loves to interact and captivate audiences during her shows.

Singing with Steel Breeze, Tam Tam is the engine that powers up the band. Her positive attitude and great charisma keeps everyone in a good mood, which reflects in her personality during all the shows.













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